What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship Marketing as it says on the tin is all about relationships and the effective use of tactics and various methods to develop long term relationships with customers with the intention to turn them into loyal customers.

With the ongoing amount of competition, organizations must demonstrate and offer extremely good customer service which gives great value and excellent targeted messages and communications.

However first you have to attract customers before being able to convert them into paying customers, therefore methods and tactics are used to do exactly this. Some organisations offer a whole array of offers, new product promotions and competitive prices. As soon as these leads are captured they then have to be retained, its common for organisations to use methods such as loyalty cards, courtesy calls and many other relationship building tactics.

How does Relationship Marketing work online and how can i get started?

Customer Relationship Management tells us that we must have a healthy intelligent database with good data that we can use to use to our advantage to convert leads and retain consumers e.g knowing Mr smith likes to play golf at the weekend and enjoy indulging in a bottle of 1957 red wine of a Saturday evening would be extremely powerful information to some organisations.

Doing this online has never been easier, however asking for too much information at the beginning of a relationship could be asking for that little bit too much, so here we go, this next part of this post will show you how you can start to gather your visitors contact details with ease and convert them into paying customers.

How Can I Generate Leads

You must collect the name (preferably first name – surname is not really required) and email address of a large proportion of your visitors – the reason why I have not mentioned their address or postcode is because most people cant be bothered to fill all of this information in and you can get this later if you need to, to do this you will need to set up a lead capture system, but I will go into this in more detail in a minute.

The idea behind this is when people arrive at your website you encourage them to leave their details, but how can you encourage them do this? There are many ways you can do this but the strongest and most successful way is to offer something for free, now … it doesn’t have to be something outrageous like a free product or something expensive, it doesn’t even have to be anything tangible, it could just be an E-Book or E-Guide which you know will add great value to your visitors, for example i recently listened to a great podcast from someone who set up a website on “How To Cure Acne”, this person simply implemented a lead capture system and to entice visitors into leaving their contact details the webmaster offered a “7 Day Plan to Cure Acne” which was a 7 day plan which provided down to earth advice, tips, product reviews and other useful resources to its readers which was delivered over a 7 day period each day, and the best of it was it was all automated.

However the relationship building didn’t end there, the visitors wouldn’t simply receive 7 days of material and then not a whistle for months, the idea here is to grow the leads and build up a rapore and strong relationship

Using a sophisticated but easy to use web based software the web site owner was able to pre load a list of relationship building emails into what’s called an auto responder, each of the 7 emails only had to be constructed once, then it was loaded into a piece of software and scheduled to go out at a specified time in the day each day for 7 days.. , so let’s say I signed up for the 7 days course on days 1 – 7 i would receive some great tips and advice on how to cure acne .. great …, but then maybe a few days later i would receive another email saying “hi .. i thought you may like this” and then several more emails very much like this one (building up a rapore with me offering sound advice and tips) over the next month, by this stage i would typically begin to look forward to receiving their emails as they are providing great value to me in my struggle to cure acne, this is a great way to build a relationship but to also build authority in their market, in this case curing acne.

To put simply if there is no relationship there is no conversion from leads to buyers. If your site gets great traffic, the key is to build genuine relationships, a byproduct of this is conversion rates and this will increase as your list of subscribers will be responsive.

Give me the software

But now you need to know how you can start to build your list immediately but most importantly build strong relationships.

AWeberis the marketing leading automated email follow up and newsletter delivery service in the world. AWeber offers a great solution to building lasting relationships through the use of an automated sequence of personalized messages.

Did you know that statistics have shown that it often takes multiple contacts to maximise sales conversion. Creating good quality content in the form of a 7 Day E-Course or writing a comprehensive E-Book followed up with a sequence of relationship building emails (helpful tips, resources, product reviews etc) is one of the easiest ways to obtain paying customers, increase conversion and most importantly increase revenue, and not as a one off, you can automate the whole process, site back, eat, sleep or even take a holiday and your automated lead capture service will be working while you do nothing.

Here is the link again, AWeber Offer a free demo, so sign up, give it a try and lean how AWeber can help you achieve excellence. But is it too technical for me?

Mastering and I mean mastering all of the tools and functionality doesn’t take too long at all. AWeber have done a great job in ensuring the tool is intuitive and simple to use as possible. It has a good looking interface and the way the tool is designed it makes your job a lot easier to do. You do need to have a technical background or any skills in HTML at all.

Ofcourse if you find you are struggling excellent support is a available as is a library of instructional materials, so give AWeber a try.

Why use AWeber Autoresponders

To put simply ever since I began Online Marketing I noticed all of the Online Marketing “gurus” were using it, every mail list I signed up for I received confirmation from AWeber. But I did do a little bit of research around the web and out of the main Autoresponders out there I found it hard to find any negative comments about AWeber.

Furthermore I know a lot of Online Marketers who have been customers with AWeber for a long time so it looks like AWeber have a great retention rate, obviously keeping customers happy, and whats great about using such a popular tool is an online community seems to grow with it, meaning any questions or support you may need there a whole community out there who can not only point you in the right direct but also provide some great tips on how to utilize the tool to its full potential.

What about SPAM and Email Deliverability

Using the wrong tool on you email marketing campaigns, newsletters or broadcasts can have a detrimental impact on your organization and the deliverability of your emails (i.e the amount of emails that actually get through to your subscribers inbox). A lot of inexperienced providers offer services which may seem great but it doesn’t really matter if your email are not getting through as intended.
AWeber have the astonishingly highest percentage of email deliverability meaning AWeber is doing an excellent job to ensure emails are getting through to your subscribers (customers). Email Deliverability is something that should not be ignored.

How Much will it cost me?

AWeber is competitively priced. Obviously if you’re just starting out and have a subscriber list of between 0 – 500 paying only £12 ($18) per month is worth every penny to give your website that professional and more importantly automated edge. Furthermore there is a money back guarantee so if for some reason you don’t like it you have the satisfaction that a refund is available.

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